28 Oct 2011

Houses on a hill

World famous.. and one of my favourite, merging inside and out.

Again another famous one, and i too am a big fan.. surrounded by trees, the house seamlessly slots in the the environment, uses natural light and still exploits the stunning views


This is all sparked by a project i have recently been set, the brief.. to design a house for a hilly site with views over winchester... the whole site, to make things a little more interesting is surrounded by trees, most with TPO's! Please add links to any other examples...

22 Oct 2011

Flexible MDF

Possible ways of incorporating it into intelligent architecture? Allowing sunlight to come in and out like the Kinetower building?


kinetower ... http://www.kinetura.com/#/en/architecture/kinetower/ - my actual favourite building right now!!

Rebuilding Haiti > Disaster Zone Housing.

With more and more natural disasters happening over the last 5-10 years the need for sustainable, efficient and reliable disaster zone housing has reached new highs. The video located in the link below is well worth a watch, not just to see the final design but it demonstrates an interesting design approach and process..


21 Oct 2011

Stacked living.. with a difference

One of the passions i have really developed over the past 6 or so weeks whilst studying on my MSc course is for flexible, adaptable housing. The modern family can experience vast changes in what they need from a house, be it an extra room for a new born, the gaining of a room as a child goes off to university, or even an elderly family member moving in to avoid the substantial costs of a carehome ... and this modern family needs a modern home to suit their needs, something that just isn't widely available. The idea of stacking is a concept that has been around for a while but this was an interesting take.. not so much residential but kinda cool.


Floating house..

A beautifully design house that floats elegantly and appears at one with its natural surroundings. The cladding works cleverly to maintain natural light within the house but also adds an element of privacy.

Office Refurb

Love this use of natural light, the mirror wall is really cool too...

New Virgin Galactic Headquarters - by Foster and Partners

Another gorgeous Foster building..

modular housing manufacturer


20 Oct 2011