27 Jan 2013

Busy busy..

Another weekend... another visual. Not sure it one of my best unfortunately, I didnt have a decent photo of the sites context so have had to leave the surrounding building as white mass for now. I may go back and amend in the future but for now... How it came out of Artlantis..

A few options to choose from, the first was a slight amendment on the consented scheme, then the rest were me just playing around...

It was a difficult task to really make this building look beautiful, its form is not anything like i would design. The building is supposed to be a student residential scheme but looks wayyyy more like offices in its proportions!! Anyway, in the end this is what i went for..

And after only a wee bit of photoshopping..

Thanks for looking!!

14 Jan 2013

Ohhhh a new CGl!!

So i did say id have this done by sunday.. however i ended up having an amazing roast dinner sunday evening and the visual had to wait!!

As in the previous post, below is how the image came out of Artlantis...

The building used for this CGI was just a simple massing model that had a small amount of elevational treatment, again a scheme i have been working on with Church Lukas... Here is what she looks like after a wee bit of photoshopping...

Please leave your comments :)

13 Jan 2013

Its been a while!!

Wow, it has been a while... The past 6 months have been ridiculously busy, but unbelievably awesome!

Upon finishing my Masters degree @ Nottingham Trent I managed to secure employment straight away in Nottingham based practice Church Lukas Architects. I was also fortunate enough to be offered an 'Hourly Paid Lecturer'  role at the university, I spend 2 days a week working with both Interior Architects and Architectural Technologists at different levels. 

This weekend i have been busy just enjoying everything i have learned over the past couple of years. I had a rough model of a building designed as part of a larger scheme at Church Lukas so decided to do a visual. I recently acquired Artlantis and this was used as my rendering package - ahead of the trusty kerkythea that was so good to me before! As before mind, I decided to produce a simple render and then spend a little more time in photoshop post processing...

From Artlantis - 

And after an afternoon in photoshop! 

Ignore the 2 people, i just chucked them in at the end and didnt really make much fuss about them (shadows etc.. :/ ) but overall i am very pleased with the outcome. The Sketchup and Artlantis combo performed brilliantly, i feel this render matches most 3DS and Vray visuals... let me know what you think. 

This was Saturdays work, Sundays will be posted later :)