13 Jan 2014

The Observatory - a project by SPUD.

It has been on our agenda for a while now but finally myself and Paul Colfer (http://colfer-architecture.blogspot.co.uk/) have finally got round to registering for a competition. The competition in question is..


Its an absolute cracker. It also provides me with the opportunity of collaborating with my little brother, Casey Williams, who is a graduate from Chelsea College of Art with a BA in Fine Art.

We have set out a tight programme of works for the next 7 weeks ahead of the submission on the 28th Febraury so keep your eyes peeled. We won't, unfortunately, be posting too much before this date due to the nature of the topic however will post up what we can along the way and come the 28th Feb we will get it all online!

I think competitions like these are a brilliant way of keeping your design flair alive outside of the restrictions imposed upon us as designers in the industry we are in. I experience it first hand almost everyday, the danger of not partaking in this sort of activity and the effects it can have on architects prone to becoming stagnant in industry and willing to let clients and regulation dictate them.

I am excited already just thinking of what the outcome of this project could possibly be.. Stay tuned.