18 Jan 2012

Term One @ NTU

So here is a couple of examples of my work guys and gals :)

Project One :

Lifetime Homes - a residential housing estate, comprising 6 houses to lifetime home specification.

These visualisations were support items to formal drawings produced on Autocad. Documents were produced for planning permission, building regs and tender... The pages shown above were actually made up using photoshop after just 6 days of playing around. I was pretty pleased with the outcome and have since produced more and hopefully a lot better mock ups..

Another part of this project was to produce a 3d visualisation of the way part of the building should be constructed. Our visualisation tutor picked a complex detail and asked us to demonstrate to the contractor how he should build it in the simplest way. I broke mine up in to the four diagrams shown below...

These were modelled using Google Sketchup, rendered using Artlantis Studio and adjusted on Photoshop.

In another subject titled 'Horizon Scanning' we were provided with a site in Winchester, which was currently the location of a family home. The dwelling was dilapidated and beyond repair. We were asked to investigate the site and its surroundings before preparing a proposal for a modest yet modern family home. The context of the site was challenging in terms of its physical properties, placed on a hillside in a conservation area and surrounding by tall trees of which 95% were protected.

Through exploring massing studies, spaces and volumes became apparent. these then had to be combined with the clients requirements of their family dwelling including a master bedroom, 3 childrens bedrooms, a guest bedroom, family bathroom, kitchen/living/dining space, outdoor connecting spaces and covered parking for two cars.

The materials and construction methods were in fact irrelevant for this task and in fact the project was based more on the interpretation of the site and in turn the form that developed from this. Creating a building that acted as an environmental filter, using good design to control internal spatial conditions such as daylight and passive ventilation without using bolt-on technologies.

Below is my final presentation board displaying plans, sections, an external visual and an internal visual. Shown also is the model I produced to support my design and show the dwelling in context to the site.

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