17 May 2012

Technology Futures module @ NTU

The module 'Techonlogy Futures' was designed to let our imaginations run wild! First we dreamt up a scenario set 100 years in to the future, this could be based on projected figures or purely fictional. Personally it was my most testing module so far on the MSc, I really struggled to think on such a wide level and then to bring it really narrow and specific in terms of technology and detailing....

Below are my final presentation boards, my project was based in Canary Wharf, London and was set in the year 2075.

The project design is based on a permanent Graphene exoskeleton structure that progressively makes its way around, over and in between the existing urban fabric. Deconditioned buildings provide basic infastructure as well as recreational areas for inhabitants. The spatial organisation of the design promotes social interaction between the residents and reinforces their feeling of safety and security.

Parasite container modules will provide compact dwelling units that can be installed on site according to changing demand, creating an evolving space that is adaptable to meet the ever changing needs of the city. The modules themselves are configurable in many different ways offereing a unique opportunity to balance your own internal and external space to meet your needs.

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