13 Jan 2013

Its been a while!!

Wow, it has been a while... The past 6 months have been ridiculously busy, but unbelievably awesome!

Upon finishing my Masters degree @ Nottingham Trent I managed to secure employment straight away in Nottingham based practice Church Lukas Architects. I was also fortunate enough to be offered an 'Hourly Paid Lecturer'  role at the university, I spend 2 days a week working with both Interior Architects and Architectural Technologists at different levels. 

This weekend i have been busy just enjoying everything i have learned over the past couple of years. I had a rough model of a building designed as part of a larger scheme at Church Lukas so decided to do a visual. I recently acquired Artlantis and this was used as my rendering package - ahead of the trusty kerkythea that was so good to me before! As before mind, I decided to produce a simple render and then spend a little more time in photoshop post processing...

From Artlantis - 

And after an afternoon in photoshop! 

Ignore the 2 people, i just chucked them in at the end and didnt really make much fuss about them (shadows etc.. :/ ) but overall i am very pleased with the outcome. The Sketchup and Artlantis combo performed brilliantly, i feel this render matches most 3DS and Vray visuals... let me know what you think. 

This was Saturdays work, Sundays will be posted later :) 

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