27 Jul 2012

Nottingham Trent University

Well, upon finishing my MSc in Architectural Technology and Design at NTU, and with a few questions in my head as to what to do next... The uni decide to make my decision just that little bit tougher!!

After receiving distinctions in the masters, which has been more of an MA than an MSc, myself and my colleague Paul Colfer were both put in an extraordinarily unique position.. the university offered us both places on the MArch programme!

With the MArch only recently being accredited the school are keen to begin building a reputation and felt that, having seen our desire and progression through this past year, we were two people that might be able to help! And on top of all this... We would be welcomed straight in to the second year of the programme.

I believe the offer is open for three years, although we are awaiting confirmation on that. I feel i need a year in practice before committing to another year at university on a course which will once again be extremely demanding if i hope to leave with the highest grade.

All in all, though lots of hard decisions lay ahead... id say its not the worst predicament to be in!

Thank you NTU for everything :)

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