27 Jul 2012

Live Project..

So, whilst most students finish up their degrees and go partyyyy... not me and paul! Well we did a little... but we were then offered the challenge of designing a small extension for an even smaller coach house in West Bridgeford, Nr Nottingham.

The coach house belongs to the guy that actually wrote our MSc and is located at the bottom of his garden. The building is not listed but is located within an area of which a covenant applies stating that the existing building may not be altered significantly unless to a high degree of architectural design.

So in the past two days we've sat down and produced a few documents that would allow him to take our proposal to the planning office to gauge a response. If they like it then we shall proceed with a full planning application.

The proposal is designed to meet Lifetime Home criteria. It has a large porch which allows occupants to park their car and proceed to the dwelling under cover. This also creates a small courtyard and decked area which will receive sun almost all day long as well as offering full privacy from the main house. This courtyard can be accessed via bi-fold doors from the new downstairs en-suite bedroom (which used to be the kitchen) and also the new extension which too uses large bi-fold doors. Being surrounded by trees the porch also gives some coverage from falling leaves, which when combined with timber decking can become very slippery.

To prevent the extension becoming too hot in the summer a series of visors have been put in place, crawler plants can be used to increase density in this area and provide shade over the glazing in the summer, in the winter this should also allow maximum light to enter the building. The visors also help prevent the building from appearing too heavy and bulky and visually provide a light connection between the new and old. 

Shown below are three alternatives in terms of exterior finish, it is proposed that the timber cladding be used for ease of build and due to its ability to weather and blend in to the surroundings.

Timber cladding
 White render
 Black brick

Inside the extension offers a separate WC and area to hang coats upon walking through the door, followed by a kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has been designed to offer lots of easily accessible storage at a good height. The island would house the dishwasher and sink so as to exploit views in to the courtyard. The flow through the extension in to the coach house is aided by the existing opening and links the kitchen, dining and lounge area in an open yet cosy way. From the lounge there is access to the downstairs bedroom and the stairs to one further bedroom and ensuite.


View from proposed entrance

View from existing stairs

The building was designed to sheet sizes to aid the timber frame construction, minimising waste and expense.

I welcome any comments... Thanks for looking.

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