6 Apr 2013


I do apologize for such sporadic updates... I am a busy man! I do hope however to resume with regular updates from now on! Apologies out the way, I have a couple of new visuals for ya'll to see.

First come from a small private job that i was working on in West Bridgford. The client was looking for an extension, but really i persuaded her that the space they really wanted was already there and a simple case of switching spaces around inside could create the home they wanted... without spending £40k for an extra 8sq.m.... Maybe bad business on my behalf but honest all the same and id have hated to have seen such lovely people waste their money.

The visual below isnt actually what i proposed to them, though i may once the plans are sorted. But for now i was just having a little play and produced this...

Same old tricks, Google Sketchup into Artlantis and then photoshop. The model took a while to build as i tried to make it super detailed. There are still areas i need to explore with Artlantis, and i know a couple of little errors i made during post production but all in all i think its not a bad little CGI... thoughts pleaseeeee...

Secondly, another private job i have been working on.. refurbishment of a nightclub in the Lace Market area of Nottingham. I produced this visual on behalf of the client to allow them to begin with preparations in marketing and promoting the club. Unfortunately i do have an updated version of this with the chosen name behind the bar but for the life of me cant seem to find it... so you'll have to settle for the initial CGI which just used 'name' haha ... Excuse also the banner...

Well folks, that concludes todays update... as i said i am going to try and start being a little less random with my updates and perhaps start to post some process images too so that you can see what im up to.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing some interior cgi's of this to see what the effect the alterations have on the interior environment compared to the existing.

  2. Hi Joe~~~ Mayu's birthday party will be held there on Friday!!! haha!!! My friend show me the pics of ice, Yes!!! I recognised that!!! Will you come with us?