30 Oct 2013

Major Planning Application...

Once again, apologies for the intermittent posting... I am a busy man!

Just a couple of weeks ago i got to experience my first planning committee meeting..

Location: Rushcliffe Borough Council, Civic Centre, West Bridgford
Reason: My very first major planning application!!
Project: Rushcliffe School Sixth Form Centre

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity at Church Lukas to take on the design of a new sixth form building at Rushcliffe School. The practice, in particular the building consultancy, had done quite a bit of work for the school in the past and our relations with the staff there were good.

When i adopted the brief a site on their grounds had been chosen, following extensive site analysis, and so i had a fresh slate to work with. The brief for the building however was less certain and over the next 3 months changed over and over. From what started life as a building set to be approx.1000sq.m the brief was finally confirmed requiring 12 classrooms sized for 30 pupils each, an IT suite, private study zones, staff room, meeting rooms, mentor rooms, and a social space with kitchenette space... totalling 2000sq.m!

Nonetheless, a fantastic opportunity and the increase in size brought about some really design challenges as the picked originally was to remain the preferred site. It was close to residential neighbours, close to the main road and on a sloping site, something that proved to be in my favour as the design process developed.

Designs, sketches and layouts went backward and forward between the design team and client. A palette of materials was established early.. though so was a £1500/sq.m budget for the entire build, a requirement as part of the Department for Education's Academy Capital Maintenance Fund - something in which the school along with Pulse Associates will be bidding for come December.

Come June/July a frantic rally around saw a public consultation evening held and then the submission of my first ever major planning application! I very proud moment, though the work would no stop there...Several objections were made and further information was submitted, some sacrifices were made but we got there.

At that committee meeting just a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see my scheme, my baby, win 14 to 1 in favour of the proposal to grant permission! Fantastic news, a firm handshake with the Headmaster of the school and  their operations manager and it was job done!

The design...
In a little more context...

And just a couple of images lifted from the D&A statement...

Hope you have enjoyed the read.. the full planning application can be found @




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