5 Nov 2011

Actually innovative timber structures!

For those of you that read my blog this morning titled 'Innovative Timber Structures', you will know that I was just a little ... stewed at last nights guest lecture at NTU on so called innovative timber structures.

What he showed was not innovative, it certainly didnt display modern cutting edge technology intertwined with design to form structure that would never have been possible 20, 15, 10 years ago... in my opinion of course.

However these guys at CITA (Centre for Information Technology in Architecture) have demonstrated some lengths that could be taken, using traditional methods in conjunction with CAD/CAM.

"The outcome showed a versatile, fast and intelligent way of design and making, in which material, 

performance and fabrication parameters are interconnected. The realization of radical structures is enabled by 

closeness between craftsmanship and design." 

Taken from CITA article 'parametric wood construction' @ www.cita.karch.dk


Traditional joinery methods.

Digital 3d modelling.
32-ParaWood-Demonstrator-Detail_photobyAndersIngvartsen-600.jpg #2

And an end product.

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