7 Nov 2011

The Sliding House

Going back to saner topics... and adaptive architecture! My fave topic of the moment! I am conducting my MSc position paper on it and during my research came across this >>

The house is located in Suffolk, UK, and was designed by London based architects De Rijke Marsh Morgan. Taken from their website :
“The Sliding House (uniquely) offers radically variable spaces, extent of shelter, sunlight, insulation and views. A denial of static architecture. The dynamic change is a physical phenomenon difficult to describe in words or images. It is about the ability to alter the overall building composition and character according to season, weather, or a remote-controlled desire to delight.”
The architect was forced upon these drastic measures in order to meet both the clients desires and planners parameters..  The variables appear as follows ...

A 20 tonne, sliding wall/roof structure. Powered by motors connected to solar panels the full sliding process can be completed in 6 minutes, and has the capability of being extended if the addition of a swimming pool is realised in the future (Although shown in image above).

The technology and innovation is admirable.. the solution to a problem apparent and effective. I would have liked to have seen the whole thing take another leap forward in adaptive architecture however, reaching further towards reactive, responsive adaptations as opposed to ... quote "a remote-controlled desire to delight". Seeing the structure react to internal/external temperature, or natural daylight might have taken the 'gimmicky' edge off the project..

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