24 Nov 2011

Old Vs New

Hello again, not posted in a few days.. been soooo busy with university work! However, we have been briefed of a project that we are due to start after the Christmas break... its goes something along the lines of us choosing a two buildings from different eras with which we then compare a detail to see how materials, technology and knowledge have developed over the years. Reference should be made also to building regs and then the effect they would have had on the older of the buildings.

I have posted a selection of classic buildings that I really like below. It would be interesting to compare two building perhaps by the same architect, preferably who is still 'alive and designing' today to see how his thought process and strategy towards a similar detail has altered over the years... Please post your comments and thoughts.. :)

The Institute du monde Arabe, by Jean Nouvel. Completed 1987.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. By Mies Van Der Rohe. Final part completed 1974.

I know Mies isnt around today but the reason why I chose this building of his to post was because his work here was a modern addition to a neoclassical building built in 1924. Mies's modern style juxtaposed with the old building is something we are seeing more and more of today, even at NTU with the recent refurbishment of Arkwright.

John Hancock Centre, Chicago. By Bruce Graham and Fazlur Khan (of Skidmore, Owens and Merrill). Completed 1970.

One of my favourite buildings in Chicago and one I used to admire everyday on my journey into college at IIT. Cutting edge engineering for its time.. but would it be built that way today?

Marina City (Corn on the Cob buildings!), Chicago. By Bertrand Goldberg. Completed 1964.

Over the next few days I shall be expanding on this collection, before looking in to modern buildings that are shaping the future of construction and architectural technology.

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