8 Nov 2011

House 18.36.54., Connecticut

This house was designed my Daniel Libeskind, whom i watched lecture via www.ted.com . His theories and the way he looked at architecture grabbed me immediately and made me want to see more of his work. This being his first private residential commission...

Named 18.36.54 because the house is based on a spiral containing 18 planes, with 36 points and connected with 54 lines. Technocratic huh... but the romance is there too... I really like the bronze stainless steel cladding on the exterior, it is said that with a difference in weather conditions the colour changes drastically, further allowing it to blend in to the rolling countryside.. despite its shape.

The interior is clad in oak, which may not be to every ones taste but I think it works well to tone down the modernity of the exterior.. yet still uses a fantastic array of geometric shapes to form walls, partitions and furniture.

1 comment:

  1. Have to admit I'm liking that interior with the Oak and symmetrical angles throughout!!!!